Relax-and-Recover – Backup and Recover a Linux System

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR in short) is a simple yet powerful, easy-to-setup, full-featured and leading open-source bare metal disaster recovery and system migration solution, written in Bash. It is a modular and configurable framework with numerous ready-to-use workflows for common situations. ReaR creates a bootable rescue system and/or system backup in various formats. You can boot your

How to Use the dmesg Command on Linux

The dmesg command lets you peer into the hidden world of the Linux startup processes. Review and monitor hardware device and driver messages from the kernel’s own ring buffer with “the fault finder’s friend.” How Linux’s Ring Buffer Works In Linux and Unix-like computers, booting and startup are two distinct phases of the sequence of events

Doppler – A Zero Configuration Remote Monitoring Tool

A while ago, we have written about Netdata, a lightweight, real-time performance and health monitoring tool for systems and applications. It monitors almost everything in a system and displays the result in a nice graphical layout in the web browser. Netdata requires no configuration and no dependencies either. It just works out of the box.