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IPTraf Real Time Interactive IP LAN Monitoring Tool

There are number of monitoring tools available. Moreover, i came across a IPTraf monitoring tool which i find very useful and it’s a simple tool to monitor Inbound and Outbound network traffic passing through interface. IPTraf is an ncurses-based IP LAN monitoring tool (text-based) wherein we can monitor various connections like TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP

Installing / Compile FFmpeg on Ubuntu, Debian, or Mint

This guide for supported releases of Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux Mint will provide a local install of the latest FFmpeg tools and libraries including several external encoding and decoding libraries (codecs). This will not interfere with repository packages. You may also refer to the Generic FFmpeg Compilation Guide for additional information. Recent ​static builds are

Dutch police claim they can crack PGP-encrypted BlackBerrys

For years, security has been BlackBerry née RIM’s bread and butter. It was the company’s major selling point in the early smartphone era, when businesses flocked to BlackBerry, and it’s been a major selling point for both BB10 and the new Android-based Priv. A new report casts doubt on just how secure many BlackBerry devices actually