Online security situation today…


We have spent few hours on scanning IP networks online, specially those near to us, in the city of The Hague / Den Haag.

and we have found out that there are still to many people that use technology in a very irresponsible and unsecured way.

for example people that have IP camera’s exposed to the internet with no username and password or with the default username passwords.

some people have their tv’s, tv / iptv boxes completely accessible from the internet without any username password.

others have even their electrical control thermostat etc… online with no security at all.

We have used a free tool called Angry Ip scanner and the FireFox internet browser, and just scanned the internet for 2-3 ports like 80 , 8080  etc… and in those few hours we were able to find dozens devices exposed to internet without any security.  Keep in mind we were not testing the strength of passwords, we were just checking devices with no username password and devices with default username passwords, and also we were not scanning for access to computers / servers / network hard-drives etc… this was just a basic scan.

trendnet_800p_01_02Of course this is done by professionals and we have not broken in anywhere, we also have not change any settings on those devices. on some devices, specifically the tv boxes, we were able to send a message on tv screen to the owner / watcher and told them to secure their devices.

We have done this by disabling all addons on our browser so-that we cannot see the real video images of the camera, we just entered the interface had full control of it, checked if we can get in all sections and then we closed the session. This is very important to us and we also advise anybody who is doing vulnerability testing etc.. please respect peoples privacy.

Here under you will find the information that we found so-that you can have an idea about how easy it was, of course we will not publish all information just as is, we have changed some parts of ip info and wifi user pass, we don’t want the bad guys to get in and do damage. so here is part of what we were able to find.
wifi : xxxx8117  –   xxxxu2011
wifi : xxxxxx949  –    xxxxxxWkCJ73
admin / no pass. (elro)
user : admin

tv box :

tv box :


dvr :



Elro camera :

IP cam :
no user no pass

H264 Surveillance
admin admin



Router :
admin 1234

DVR hikvision :
admin / 12345

DVR hikvision / Xyclop
admin / 12345

Avtech NVR :
admin / admin

Geovision :
admin / admin

Thermostat :


Conclusion :

To many people still don’t think it true, just buy a device and connect it to the internet without even asking if it’s secure.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a camera, tv, modem / router, or any other device, you should always check if it’s secured correctly and then connect it to internet.
someone could get into your camera or modem, and from there could hack your computer / laptop etc… steal your bank information.
Always check :

  1. do you need to connect the device to internet ? if no, then don’t
  2. If it must be connected, make sure it has a good username password, make sure that all default accounts are deleted or at least edit them one by one and change the passwords. add new accounts with strong passwords.
  3. if the device must be accessible from outside, then make sure it’s secured, you could use VPN, many routers modems have it built in, if you don’t have it, at least use a not standard port, not 80 or 8080, but something that’s not widely used.
  4. most devices that connect to internet have an option to set the remote IP address, so that not everyone can connect, use that if its possible in your case.
  5. If you have no IT experience and knowledge on higher level, hire professional to do it for you, it might cost little extra but it will prevent a bigger disaster in future.

We wish you much luck and pleasure with the technology, and hope you’ll stay secure 🙂

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