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Linux screen command.

  How To Use Linux Screen   Linux Screen allows you to: Use multiple shell windows from a single SSH session. Keep a shell active even through network disruptions. Disconnect and re-connect to a shell sessions from multiple locations. Run a long running process without maintaining an active shell session. Installing Screen with Yum Chances

Cleaning Up Your Linux Startup Process

The average general-purpose Linux distribution launches all kinds of stuff at startup, including a lot of services that don’t need to be running. Bluetooth, Avahi, ModemManager, ppp-dns… What are these things, and who needs them? Systemd provides a lot of good tools for seeing what happens during your system startup, and controlling what starts at

Verify a Linux ISO’s Checksum and Confirm It Hasn’t Been Tampered With

Last month, Linux Mint’s website was hacked, and a modified ISO was put up for download that included a backdoor. While the problem was fixed quickly, it demonstrates the importance of checking Linux ISO files you download before running and installing them. Here’s how. Linux distributions publish checksums so you can confirm the files you

Explain linux directory structure

The following list provides more detailed information and gives some examples which files and subdirectories can be found in the directories: Linux directory structure / – Root Every single file and directory starts from the root directory. Only root user has write privilege under this directory. Please note that /root is root user’s home directory,