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Monitor Network Traffic with Ntopng

Ntopng is a free and open source software for monitoring network traffic that provides a web interface for real-time network monitoring. It is the next generation version of the original ntop that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top Unix command does. It supports different operating system like, Unix, Linux, Mac OS,

80 Linux Monitoring Tools

Command Line Tools Top This is a small tool which is pre-installed on many unix systems. When you want an overview of all the processes or threads running in the system: top is a good tool. Order processes on different criteria – the default of which is CPU. htop Htop is essentially an enhanced version

Practical examples of the use lsof command

The Linux lsof command lists information about files that are open by processes running on the system. (The lsof command itself stands for “list of open files”.) In this tutorial show practical examples of the use lsof command. Some of the Linux distributions do not come with installed lsof packages. However, it can be installed as follows: Install lsof in

Nmon – linux monitoring tools

nmon is a beutiful tool to monitor linux system performance. It works on Linux, IBM AIX Unix, Power, x86, amd64 and ARM based system such as Raspberry Pi. The nmon command displays and records local system information. The command can run either in interactive or recording mode. Nmon is a short for Nigel’s performance Monitor.

Bmon – real-time bandwidth monitoring tool for linux

Bmon is a portable real-time bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. It supports various input methods for different architectures. Various output modes exist, including an interactive curses interface, lightweight HTML output, and simple ASCII output. Statistics may be distributed over a network using multicast or unicast and collected at some point to generate a summary of statistics for