Working Example of a good Phishing site…

common-misconceptions-about-hackingThis site is created only for educational purposes for our students.

In this example you see a 100% copy of Facebook page, which looks 100% same, but as soon as you enter your login information, you will be redirected to the real Facebook, but in this proces your information is copied to a local file and the Phisher / hacker would then be able to see it in plain tekst format.

That’s why it’s very important to check always at least 2 things,

1. the real domein name of the page you visit, before you fill in your user pass. so if you  are on a page, it should be not for example 🙂

2. always check that you are behind secure version of the website, meaning the adres must always be in HTTPS format, not HTTP, so check the adres field, if you see then it’s safe. otherwise be aware that all the info you send, can be seen by others.